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Istanbul Shish Kabob

4940 Centre Pointe Drive

Istanbul Shish Kabob serves authentic middle eastern cuisine. Pick up Hummus, Baba Ghanoug, Kofta, Kobobs, Sandwiches, and more. Pick up takeout for a delicious meal at home or in the office!

Offer Details

Offer is valid one time only per customer. Limited time. A complete order must be placed on the Wystle App then paid for and picked up from Istanbul Shish Kabob Deli in North Charleston, SC.

How do I get my $5 Amazon Gift Card?
Wystle will send you a link both via the Wystle app in your message with Istanbul Shish Kabob. Simply click the Amazon link to apply the gift card to your Amazon account. Then, when you next check out at Amazon, you'll be able to apply the $5 towards your purchase. Easy peasy. 

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