Mozzo Deli Case Study

What Follows is a Case Study of how Mozzo Deli was able to increase their orders through the Wystle App by 4.5 times in a Matter of 90 Days! 

Wystle all devices modified.png

What is Wystle?

Wystle is a new Text to Business Messaging Platform that lets customers text Businesses just like they would a friend.  Users download the App on their Smartphone and find the Business they want to Text and then send a Message.

As shown in the picture on the left, the Business can receive that text on any device such as a Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop and respond to the Customers very quickly and efficiently! 

Mozzo number of orders bar chart.jpeg

Number of Orders through the App

The Chart on the left shows the number of orders through the Wystle App that has been steadily increasing since the Implementation Date.

This Data tells us that the steady increase in orders through Wystle has a high retention rate and adoption rate meaning that customers that order through the app once are 85% likely to order again! 

Also, in February, the 137 orders received through the App equate to 137 less phone calls to answer which significantly increases the productivity of your Operation! 

Mozzo Wystle personalized picture.jpeg

Taking Communication to the Next Level! 

You can personalize communication with your Clients as they can send you pictures through the text messages! 

In case your Customers would like to send a picture to visually show you what they are working on or what issue they are having or what part they need, etc. using a Picture makes the communication a lot more effective! 

**Amazing Testimonial from Shannon the Owner of Mozzo** We need to get a testimonial from him for Social Proof

"Wystle is the best thing that's ever happened to me" - Shannon H.

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